You can buy your dream Mi 9 from many places. You can go to the dealer in person. If you are not sure about the condition or whether it has a warranty, then buying it online through a dealer will be the best option. Buying from a direct supplier will also give you more protection and peace of mind while a sale is going on.

PayPal – Once you buy your Mi 9 through PayPal, you are given the opportunity to buy it immediately from a supplier’s website. This is very useful as you do not have to wait for the end of the auction or for collection by the shipping authority. Also, selling on Swappa is completely free and you even get paid after your Mi 9 sells without awaiting the payment! Also, if you are not comfortable with using PayPal, you can use a credit card or any other online transaction facilities. But, make sure that you are able to pay the amount in time because a pre-order usually has an expiry date.

eBay – The first two options (Buying from a dealer and from eBay) are good if you want to see the condition of your Mi 9 and do not have cash on hand. In this case, you should use the PayPal method and send your payment through the secure Payment Portals of PayPal. Then your Mi 9 can be judged right away on eBay and you can bid on it. Also, if you do not like the price offered on the eBay auction, you can leave the listing there and request for a modification. There is no charge for this and your Mi 9 will be sent to you at no extra cost. Mi 9

Mi8 Sim Card – The Mi8 Sim card is the best way to keep your mobile device connected all the time. You can download a lot of apps, games, and even communicate with other users on Facebook and Twitter. But, it has only a small storage space, so be sure to purchase a high-quality Mi 9 Sim card to keep your data safe.

Camera – If you need a bigger memory capacity for the photos and videos you take, then you have to purchase a Memory card for your camera. The camera interface of the latest android phones supports the Bluetooth technology, which is very useful for wireless charging. A high-speed Wireless Charging SIM card can also be a benefit for you.

You can also buy a pack of batteries if you think you will be using your phone for long hours. You can get an xiaomi mi 9 Car Charger and Car Adapter. It is designed to give you best performance every time. It comes with auto shut off, motion sensor, water resistant body, and anti-slip grip. It charges your phone using a compatible charger. So, now you do not have to worry about the amount of power that you are going to consume when you are using your phone.

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